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Looking for spare weight plates for lifting?

Discover our wide range of high-quality weight plates, designed to meet your lifting needs. Our collection includes steel, cast iron, rubber, and PVC weight plates, ensuring durability and versatility for your daily workout routine. These plates are perfect for enhancing muscle growth and increasing body strength. Whether you’re into weightlifting, strength training, balance training, or physical flexibility training, our weight plates are suitable for both men and women. Start reaching your fitness goals with our exceptional selection of weight plates today.

Why Bullar Weight Plates?

  • Experience maximum comfort with our weight plates. We prioritize your comfort by designing our plates with ergonomically enhanced grips. These grips provide you with better control and stability when adding the plates to your training bar and lifting. Say goodbye to discomfort and focus on maximizing your workout performance with our specially designed
    weight plates.
  • Our weight plates offer several advantages that contribute to a superior workout experience. They are highly durable and resistant to wear, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Our weight plates are designed to accommodate different hand sizes and preferences. You can easily grip and hold the plates based on your hand size and lifting technique.
  • We have a strong focus on delivering high-quality products and ensuring the best possible customer experience. We prioritize the satisfaction of our customers and strive to provide them with top-notch products that meet their expectations.

Uses of Rubber Weight Plates

  • Perform various exercises to enhance muscle power.
  • Rubber weight plates aid in maintaining a grip on the bar during weightlifting.
  • Below are examples of Multipurpose uses of these plates.

Steel Weight Plates

  • We provide you best quality Chrome Steel Weight plates having shiny finish and long durability.
  • These plates enables to increase your lifting weights to boost your strength targets.
  • These are ideal for Powerlifters and heavy lifting.
  • Wide range of exercises you can do with these Plates, it will ensure a full body workout.
  • Very useful for both upper body and lower body workouts.
Steel Weight Plates

Cast Iron Weight Plates

  • These plates having extra durability and resistance. Used for gaining extra muscle power, strength.
  • Made of heavy duty tough materials and used for heavy weight lifting.
  • Ideal for targeting various types of exercises such as Squats, bench/chest press, also used in home and commercial gym environment.
  • We provide best quality Cast Iron Plates that helps to protect against rust over long period’s of time. 
  • These plates are the best training tool for all fitness levels.
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