Table of Contents

  1. What are the types of bars?
  2. How to select the perfect Olympic Barbell for daily workout ?
  3. What is the difference between an Olympic barbell and a regular barbell?
  4. Why choose a Bullar Olympic barbell?

What are the types of bars?

There are many types of barbell available in the market, before buying you will have to know about the barbell features first as mentioned below :-

  • Standard Barbell : Usually made of alloy steel, which is mostly available at every gym and of 7ft long. By the use of locking mechanism on the both ends you can place the weight and lock them.
  • Olympic Barbells : This barbell is used for training/match and used by professionals who are into lifting for common wealth games, international tournaments, Olympics etc
  • Hex Bar : It is for specialized training exercises only.
  • Safety Squat Bar :  This equipment is usually for beginners who are getting into weightlifting, and that is the main reason why you’re safety padding.
  • The Swiss bar : Used for arms training, you can do pressing, rowing, & torso exercises. It helps to increase the muscles of experience promised
  • EZ Curl Bar : This bar is of small length and pivotal for the training. It helps to lift for the advance training.
  • Deadlift Bar : It’s similar to standard barbell, which has more whip. This is the better option for the rapid deadlifts from ground up and will not hurt yourself much.
  • Powerlifting Bar : Mainly the grip on these bars are different from the standard barbell, and it’s more rigid in comparison to powerlifting barbell.
  • Log Barbell : This is used for advance level of competitions and require more effort for lifting.
  • Tsunami Bar : This bar is used to increase the strength and contraction speed of muscles in advance exercises.

How to select the perfect Olympic Barbell for Daily Workout ?

By choosing the perfect Olympic Barbell for daily workout, you must have to know about the factors you need to be taken care while buying a barbell.

  • Sleeves of the barbell : Mainly, sleeves are an important attribute that determines the spin of the Olympic barbell. It’s usually permitted by the use of bearings or bushings. Bushings are made of brass for longevity. On the other hand, bearings provide a faster spin and made of higher quality small needles or metal balls rolling within the sleeves.
  • Whip of the barbell : Olympic barbell is dependent on the whip of the bar. It is defined as the bar end bouncing while you are doing a lift. It defines the quality of the bar as well as the kinetic energy it stores, and the effort you need to do a lift.
  • The Capacity of the load : You want to buy a good quality barbell which can hold up to 250 kg, and there is no jerk on the barbell.
  • Finish of the barbell : This attribute plays important role in price, that’s why premium gym charges you a higher fee because the feeling in the hands while lifting is heavily important. It requires higher maintenance due to rust. The chrome finish of the barbell gives you a premium feel and is rust-resistant. These barbells are very expensive.
  • Knurling of the barbell : Diamond shaped grooves on the barbell and have diagonals which help in the grip. Some weightlifters prefer excessive and aggressive knurling.

If you are planning to buy an Olympic barbell, then you will have to know about these above things.

What’s the difference between an Olympic barbell and a regular barbell?

  • Regular barbell does not support load capacity more than 90 kg but on the other hand Olympic barbell can support higher loads up to 250 kg.
  • In Regular barbell there will be chances of bending when we add higher load on this barbell but on the other hand Olympic barbell has greater tensile strength and barbell will not bend at all.
  • Regular barbell is usually one inch wide at ends and their prices are not high as compared to Olympic barbell.

Why choose a Bullar Fitness Olympic Barbell ?

Bullar Olympic barbell is of superior quality than other barbells. The barbell is comes in the standard dimensions of 7 ft long and weighs 20 kg approx.

The Olympic bar prices are below INR 5999, having chrome plates finish make the bar rust-resistant and grip makes it perfect for weightlifting exercises. You can easily add higher weights on the barbell without fear and there is no bending.
This barbell is highly efficient, and their bearings help to protect the joints. The bar is also flexible and have high tensile strength that is more than 190 psi.

Select the perfect Bullar Olympic barbell rod for weight lifting. We hope that this blog post provided you all the information and details. Ensure that you are buying the right type of weight lifting barbell bar that meets your needs and the budget.